My Passion for Horses

Here’s a little about me: I have ridden since I was 10 years old and fell in love with it from the start. I have attended countless shows in California, Arizona and Oregon where I have received champion in my division, won the Ariat Medal at HITS Arizona, and qualified for the NorCal Medal Finals. I  was never able to compete at the NorCal Medal Finals in 2008 because when I was practicing for it I fell off my horse (which has happened more times than I could count in all the years I have ridden) and broke my back! Breaking my back was a bitter-sweet experience for me. The bitter part being I wasn’t able to compete at finals and that my horseback riding career got put on hold for a while, but the sweet part is I learned that just because you can’t ride doesn’t mean your passion dies. I truly believe that the passion for horses never leaves you.


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