What’s the Right Amount to Tip?

How much should I tip is a question that is asked often, no matter if you at a restaurant, the day spa, getting your car from the valet, or at a horse show. However, the standard customary amount of 10-15% doesn’t apply for horse shows. I have found it is customary to tip closer to 25-30% for the people that take care of your horse(s) at their home away from home.  For the fantastic guys that feed, muck the stalls, and groom the horses at shows, a.k.a. the groomers they get the standard fee per day that is negotiaErnesto has been our groomer for over 15 years!ted by your trainer plus the tip you leave them. What I have found appropriate is about $15 per day per groomer for each horse you have at the show, this includes the days your horse is at the show but you aren’t also. For the person that braids the horses tails and manes the appropriate amount is around $50 per week for each horse you have at the show.


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