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Grooming Your Horse

Here are 8 simple steps to tacking up your horse, these are just brief instructions for more details ask your trainer:
1. Tie your horse up with a slip knot or put in cross ties.
2. Clean out the hooves with a hoof pick, don’t be too rough on the frog of the hoof.
3. Curry your horse starting from the top of the neck moving down to the rear of the horse (avoid the face and the legs, these areas are sensitive).
4. Take your hard brush and brush your horses face gently and then move from the neck to the rear of the horse.
5. Soft brush all the same areas that you hard brush: face, neck, body, rear, and legs.
6. Brush horse mane, tail and forelock.
7. Wrap horses legs with polos are boots.
8. Put your tack correctly and safely on your horse and don’t forget your gear (helmet, chaps, etc).
And now your ready to ride!


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Show Ribbons

When you are at your future horse shows remember to keep track of all your ribbons while you are at the show grounds. What my barn likes to do is display all the ribbons the riders receive while the show is taking place. To make sure you go home with all your ribbons (and not another rider’s) write you name, horse’s name and the class you placed in on the back of the ribbon. There should be a space for you to do this already.  By doing this it allows you to be able to look back and know what the ribbon was received for and at what horse show on what horse.

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Preping Tack For Upcoming Horse Show

An important part of preparing for your upcoming horse show is cleaning your tack, which includes but is not limited to your bit, bridle, breast plate, draw reigns, equi boots, girth, leather halter, martingale, and saddle. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your tack will not only make it presentable for in the show ring, but also help keep supple and lasting longer. The following is eight steps to cleaning your tack:
1. Gather your preferred saddle or leather soap, a soft cloth and a sponge.
2. Fill a small bucket with water.
3. Dampen your sponge (do not get sponge too wet) and in small circles on tack rub on the soap until it lathers.
4. Rinse sponge in clean water, and rub leather until clean (removing all soap residue). You may have to get clean water several times.
5. As you clean your tack look over it carefully and inspect your tack, checking for any safety issues.
6. Dry tack off with the clean cloth.
7. For the saddle rub on saddle shine or oil with the clean cloth and let dry overnight
8. When cleaning the bridle avoid putting soap on the bit. Simply use clean water and sponge.

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