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YouTube Video Link

Here’s a link to my first YouTube video


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Where to Stay During a Horse Show…

When planning for your next show one thing you don’t want to forget about is where you plan on staying.  There are typically three places to stay during a horse show: a hotel, on the show grounds in an RV or at your home.  When deciding where to stay you want to consider the costs, the accommodations that will be needed and the convenience.  If you are going to stay at home and commute makes sure you plan out your drive and plan for traffic and road blocks.  If staying in an RV on the horse show grounds make sure the show grounds first allows RVs to park there and that there are RV hooks.  If staying at a hotel make sure you book a room in advance and know how long it will take you to travel from the hotel to the show grounds.  Those are just a few pointers on planning a place to stay during your next show for further information I would talk to your trainer or horse show manager.

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Check Out My Website

The Life of an Equestrian now has a website. Check it out  On this site you will find useful information about preparing for your upcoming shows and a little more information about me. The site can also be accessed from the links on the sidebar.

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