Anyone who has ever owned a horse knows that it is more than a hobby or a sport, they know it’s a way of life, a passion they will always have.  Riding has been a passion for me for over 12 years. During these 12 years I have leased a few horses, owned two and gone to countless shows. Having a passion for horses isn’t always easy there are frustrating and hard times, let downs and definitely a lot of getting to know the dirt, but this passion is very rewarding at the end of the day. This blog is all about the life of an equestrian focusing on the Hunter/Jumper Circuit and everything that comes along with owning and riding horses.

I would like to attribute my knowledge and information about horses, the Hunter/Jumper Circuit and everything that comes along with the life of an equestrian rider to my trainer Denize Borges and her barn, Crystal Image Farms (a great place to ride in the Bay Area).

On this site you will find information and helpful tips about horse care and life in the Hunter/Jumper Circuit.  In addition you will also find work that I have completed during my college years at San Jose State University including work I completed in different classes, samples from my internship, my resume and much more.