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YouTube Video Link

Here’s a link to my first YouTube video


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Check Out My Website

The Life of an Equestrian now has a website. Check it out  On this site you will find useful information about preparing for your upcoming shows and a little more information about me. The site can also be accessed from the links on the sidebar.

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Show Ribbons

When you are at your future horse shows remember to keep track of all your ribbons while you are at the show grounds. What my barn likes to do is display all the ribbons the riders receive while the show is taking place. To make sure you go home with all your ribbons (and not another rider’s) write you name, horse’s name and the class you placed in on the back of the ribbon. There should be a space for you to do this already.  By doing this it allows you to be able to look back and know what the ribbon was received for and at what horse show on what horse.

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The Dreaded Tall Boots

One of my least favorite parts of riding and competing in the Hunter Jumper Circuit is getting new tall boots and having to break them in. For me at least, they aren’t very comfortable to wear even after they are broken in, but over the years that I have been riding and having to get new boots and break them in I have learned a few tricks that make it easier. The main trick to breaking them in fast is to wear them a lot, and I mean A LOT!!!!! Besides wearing them when you are at the barn and when riding you should wear them around your house. Wear them while cleaning your room, cooking dinner, doing work or homework or taking your dogs for a walk. The more you are in your boots bending, stretching and moving around the fastest they will break in. Another trick is to spray rubbing alcohol on them, this helps the leather stretch and form to your leg. Tall boots may look elegant and fancy, but there sure is nothing elegant or fancy about breaking them in!

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What To Do With All Your Show Ribbons?

If your like me you have hundreds of ribbons that you have collected from the  competitions that you have gone to. You only display a select few in your room, home or tack trunk, like the champion and first place ribbons you have won and then the rest of them are stored in bags or bins some where. I never wanted to throw any of mine away because they all meant something to me and one day I came acroJust one example of many a unique idea, show ribbon pillows and quilts. Show pillows and quilts are made out of your show ribbons to create a one of a kind piece. If you don’t think you can do this yourself there are people who can for you. If you do a google search of horse show ribbon quilts you can find a person or company to do it for you.

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