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The Dreaded Tall Boots

One of my least favorite parts of riding and competing in the Hunter Jumper Circuit is getting new tall boots and having to break them in. For me at least, they aren’t very comfortable to wear even after they are broken in, but over the years that I have been riding and having to get new boots and break them in I have learned a few tricks that make it easier. The main trick to breaking them in fast is to wear them a lot, and I mean A LOT!!!!! Besides wearing them when you are at the barn and when riding you should wear them around your house. Wear them while cleaning your room, cooking dinner, doing work or homework or taking your dogs for a walk. The more you are in your boots bending, stretching and moving around the fastest they will break in. Another trick is to spray rubbing alcohol on them, this helps the leather stretch and form to your leg. Tall boots may look elegant and fancy, but there sure is nothing elegant or fancy about breaking them in!


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Saddle Shopping

Shopping for the right saddle is never easy. You spend a lot of time in your saddle and want to make sure you get the right one. You want to make sure that you get one that not only will keep your tush comfy, but also put your posture in correct form, and fit your horse comfortably and properly. There are thousands of brands out there but here are four trusted brands that I have ridden in myself and either have owned or known someone who has: Antares Saddles, Crosby Saddle, Pessoa Saddles, and Stubben Saddles. Shop around and find the saddle that you like the best, there is nothing worse than riding in a saddle you are not comfortable in.

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