Here is a link to my interactive resume, where you can find my educational background, relevant work history, skills and activities:


To create my interactive resume, I used Microsoft PowerPoint. I began by choosing a template for my theme. Once I picked my template I began to work using the slide master view. I placed objects to link the information in my resume to the related pages and links. I hyperlinked each page to the correct subhead object on the master slide, which makes my resume interactive. When in slide show view you can click on different objects to take you to different sections of my resume. For example when you click on “Work History” it will take you to the page with my relevant work information.

Here is some additional sample work I have from different classes and my internship:

Downtown Willow Glen PR Campaign Plan

an extensive 18 month public relations campaign for the Business District of Downtown Willow Glen, in San Jose, Calif. For this project I worked with a group of four for an entire semester to create a campaign that would increase the foot traffic and visibility of Willow Glen in the greater San Jose area. As a group we pitched the campaign to board members of Willow Glen and fellow classmates. The Willow Glen Board members select our campaign as the winning plan.

Willow Glen Powerpoint Slides

PowerPoint presentation used to pitch campaign plan to the board members of the Business District of Downtown Willow Glen.

KSJS Communication Intervention Presentation
KSJS Survey

Powerpoint presentation used to present the communication intervention & action plan for San Jose State University's radio station, KSJS. Worked with a group of four other students to analyze the communication of KSJS and find areas that needed improvement. Conducted surveys to help in research & analysis. Presented findings & action plan course to upper management of KSJS and 35 peers.

MyBookBuyer Press Release

Press release written in collaboration with another intern at MyBookBuyer about how students are saving money by selling back their textbooks to online buyback sites, such as MyBookBuyer.

Smoke Out Pitch Letter

Pitch letter written for my Strategic Writing class. The pitch letter wrote for a local journalist encouraging him to cover the event.

APC Press Release – press release written for my Strategic Writing class about a make-believe company’s new partnership which focuses on education.

Starbucks Pitch Letter

Pitch letter I wrote in my Strategic Writing class inviting a local journalist to come to a Starbucks VIA tasting event at the Marriott Hotel.